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February 21st, 2014 at 08:11 am

Today is payday #2 of the month. Most monies are already allocated for expenses so it's not like I'm going shopping this weekend. But I love seeing the automatic transfers to savings/retirement accounts that happen on paydays.

On the 2nd payday of the month this happens:
$433.50 to my 401k (my contribution part goes into a Roth 401k and my employers into a regular 401k)
$300 to His Roth IRA
$150 to Her Roth IRA
$300 to emergency fun
$250 to HSA*

*we contribute $500 a month to our HSA. $300 mine and $200 from my employer. I don't use the HSA for medical expenses. I let it grow tax-free. Every dollar over $1,000 is in a mutual fund

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